We live in the age of technology, and we can almost do everything from our comfortable chair, especially as far as leisure is concerned. Internet is a window to a wide range of fun, the clear example are online games and especially the most intrepid side with online gambling bets, among which slot machines stand out

The immediacy and volatility in slots make us able to choose the kind of risk we want to take on and for the game to be fast, fluid, upload videos, graphics, etc. We have to choose a good browser.

Among the different software of this type, the best considered by the users remains Chrome with excellent health, but on the other hand, Firefox has strengthened its code, improving in everything. Currently, browsers are divided into those based on Chromium versus those based on Firefox.

Below we show the most popular features of each web browser so that you can have on your computer the best browser of the time.

We started as:

  1. Chrome

Chrome, the pros are your good speed, maybe the fastest, your light interface, fits well with Google services. It supports all operating systems and Smartphones. Fantastic JavaScript engine. Source Node. The development tools are flawless, and the native extensions are exciting: offline Gmail, Google Docs (an Office), videoconference, desktop sharing, video games… (among many others).

The bad thing is that Google tries to force you to use it, updates are constant, although they are automatically applied, it uses a lot of RAM, which can be a problem for limited computers (less than 1Gb) and part of the code is proprietary even though it comes from free software. What are you hiding?

  1. Firefox

Firefox, the good thing is how committed they are to offer a good product. Its engine has been debugged and optimized with Quantum. You have all the extensions you might want it has good compatibility and fantastic customizable interface. The Smartphone version is very interesting. It consumes less memory than Chrome, and now with Quantum less RAM than before. Integrated software is very interesting: screenshots, Pocket, extension monitor, independent Download Manager. Have a pure Free Software philosophy.

As a negative, you may notice that some web designers give Chrome more priority than Firefox, so you will find some pages that give you problems. The interface may seem too pretentious and updates arrive very slowly.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, the best thing is the impeccable integration with Windows 10, The Good performance of JavaScript, plus its engine is free. Good compatibility with Chromium in how to render pages, which improves the experience when browsing. It is the one that comes standard installed in the new Windows operating systems and its RAM consumption is optimal.


Against the future of changes, developers are currently modifying their engine to Chromium, the extensions are poor and only Windows compatible.

  1. Safari

Safari is a sublime integration with Mac OS X and iOS with a clean, clear, and simple interface. Everything takes advantage of the touchpad. The fastest browser, without a doubt with Mac OS, is constantly being optimized.

However, the code is private, like all Apple software. It’s not very safe, and it’s usually a little out of date; extensions are fundamental. It’s only for Apple. And possibly it will always be.

Its only intention to exist is to give an excellent browser and necessary tools for Apple developers. Performance is essential compared to the competition.

  1. Opera

Opera is ideal for slow connections and smartphone versions are very successful.

Against the code owner. Although, in this case, it is understandable since the company lives from the software. They update it very little, they have a hard time getting new versions, and for Linux, they arrive very late. They’ve lost their magnificent integrated mail client. It’s independent now, but it’s not the same.

  1. Chromium

Chromium being Chrome’s father project, we can say that it has all the good; it is 100% free, and the user hardly appreciates the difference.

The bad thing about Windows is that updates are uncomfortable and risk very little. So what’s the best web browser to play with? As you can see, there are several factors to assess, taking into account the type of equipment you have.