The most common way to make a web query or visit our favorite websites is through the use of a web browser, of which we have a vast repertoire of them in Linux, and there are all kinds of them.

In almost all Linux distributions, a default web browser is usually included within them, although the selection of this web browser is often not to the liking of several users either by performance, functionality, or a large number of resources it absorbs.

Already on more than one occasion, I have mentioned the high use of resources that Firefox makes in Ubuntu and not to belittle it, it is an excellent Navigator, practical and with everything necessary to have a pleasant navigation session.

Even though Mozilla developers have long been given just to add unnecessary functions and fatten up the browser to such a degree as to become a nightmare for Team resources. That’s why today we’re going to talk about a browser even though it’s a little different from what we usually know, the browser We’re going to talk about is Lynx.

Surfing on the Internet with Lynx from the Terminal

Lynx is a web browser that, unlike the most popular ones, is used by a terminal, and navigation is by text mode. Lynx can turn out to be quite an attractive tool for terminal lovers and even for people who like to maximize the optimization of the use of system resources.

We cannot deny that browsing the Internet through the use of a terminal entirely in text mode can be an excellent discovery for most new users, and even something scarce for some, while it is also experienced retrograde to the older ones.

Previously many years ago, to access the web pages t, his whole process was done via the command line, through Unix terminals or even the old DOS. Today, the vast network is remarkably evolved, with increasingly dynamic and resource-filled sites. The Lynx as a browser that runs entirely in text mode and is used through the command line, this software can be a right solution for systems based on the console, or even in servers if it is necessary to consult the Internet.

How to use the Lynx browser?

Navigation is done using the keyboard arrow keys, which serve to scroll between the search fields, links, and other information. To start using the browser just typing on the terminal the following command:

1 | lynx

Or they can do a quick search, for example:

1 | lynx Google

To exit the browser, simply type ctrl +c or simply press the letter Q on the keyboard. Although the browser is based on the text mode of the terminal, if we are working on a realistic environment, we can make use of the mouse to place ourselves on links or text that interests us to be able to access them. No more, I can only say that the use of this browser for the first few times can be a little weird, but it doesn’t stop being a utility is fairly good, and it leaves something new but for the knowledge of the tools of Linux.